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"In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we

 must start with the One who made her."

Elisabeth Elliot


We were created to glorify God.  He is the Source of our existence and we have no life apart from him.

Yet we live in a self-centered world.  Its seductive pull beckons us to "fit in."  We crave the acceptance and approval of others, and young women especially, find themselves insecure, not realizing where their worth is found.

Though the world whispers that outward beauty is all-important, a Christian woman knows self-glorification will never fulfill her.  She knows there is a longing in her heart that only Christ can remedy.

A Christian woman strives to live a God-centered life.  She embraces the purpose for which she was created--to magnify the name of Jesus and adorn the message of the gospel.  This is her reason for living.

As the mini skirts get tinier and the necklines plummet to new depths, what does a Christian woman do?  She lives intentionally. She adorns herself intentionally.  She's willing to make personal sacrifices, at the expense of her vanity, not constantly asking, "What will make me happy?" Rather, she wants to know: "What will please you, Lord?  What will display your glory?"

I pray that through this ebook, you will be challenged to think through your heart motivations and how you view your appearance, as well as your choices of outward adornment. I pray that you will find your fulfillment not in your own fleeting beauty or the attention you may receive because of it, but in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray you will dress for Someone greater than yourself, striving to surrender your heart to Him daily.

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