Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction {Read it here for free}

In Which I Go to the Salon for Some Detailing

Why We Are Preoccupied with Physical Beauty

Motivations of the Heart {and Is it Wrong to Enhance the Appearance}

Imperishable Beauty

When You Are Not Your Own

More Than Bikinis and Burqas

Wanton Eyes, Outstretched Necks and the Demeanor of the Christian Woman

Captives to Lust

Modest Dress {What it is and Eight Reasons Why We Don't Want to Talk About It}

Read Any Good Looks Lately?

Introducing Six Immodestly Dressed Women

What a Christian Woman Should Wear

Giving Grace and Six Reasons Why Outward Adornment Should be in Moderation

On Making Rules {Sniff, Sniff. Do I Smell a Legalist?}

The Immodesty of Modesty {and Other Warnings}